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? “Dickie Bird” from the Cover of the February 1889 issue of “The Prize” 

One of six illustrations from“The Three Little Kittens” –  published in 1865

The Countess Bertha, Frontispiece from “The Honey Stew” by Alexander Dumas, 1846 


“A Copeland Christmas” – see our growing blog under ABOUT H.WEIR

“The King of the Poultry Yard” –  detail from a recently added item to Gallery 1 – Poultry

“Paradise Lost” by Milton, a copy owned by Harrison Weir, in our blog “Of Books and Letters” under H.WEIR

THE PRINTS                                                              THE COLLECTION

A sample of 3 quality Prints produced from an image in our range, shown together in A3, A2 and A4 sizes.

From our collection:  “The Rise” – One of a pair of original water-colours by Harrison Weir, signed and dated 1855

THE LIBRARY                                                            THE ARCHIVES

A small selection of 19th century children’s books from our extensive library, all of which contain multiple illustrations by Harrison Weir, and the source of a high proportion of his images that we currently have on offer.

A sampling of 19th Century Periodical prints from our archive, all featuring Harrison Weir drawings. From left: The Illustrated Christian Weekly; The Illustrated London News; The Pictorial Times; and The Animal World.


The eloquent and inspirational images of animals created by Harrison William Weir, demonstrate a unique marriage of both artistic skill and an unprecedented respect and understanding of the subject matter. Some of the images are well known and recognizable, others are extremely rare and only a few examples of any quality remain.

We have therefore attempted to create a comprehensive archive, of many of Harrison Weir’s images and his published articles as we are able, and to make as many of these images readily available to the general public, as is possible.

All proceeds from the sale of the fine art prints from this web-site, will assist to fund the ongoing purchase and preservation of this artist’s original works; including paintings, drawings, etchings, writings and other ephemera, directly associated with the life or work of this amazingly gifted and empathetic artist.

This includes the sourcing of first and rare editions of books and magazines containing his art and articles, his autograph letters, and even printer’s blocks and examples of his design work.

All of the Print Images offered for sale on this site for your private use, are copyright to In each and every case, they have been sourced from either original artworks, and/or original prints, or editions of books or documents, in the direct ownership or care of, and comprising the “Harrison Weir Collection”.

We invite you to browse through the IMAGE GALLERIES, which are dedicated to specific ‘interest groups’ related to Harrison’s art, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected]

From time to time we will also publish pictures and information below of some of the more unusual items in our collection and the interesting facts behind them. We hope you will enjoy celebrating with us, the wonder of the animal world, through the eyes and art of the man whose industrious hand and generous heart, has touched the lives of so many………….

John G Smithson (Curator: Harrison Weir Collection)


The Image Galleries are provided in two formats, those with images that conform to Portrait Format and those with images that conform to Landscape Format. To access these, simply hover your mouse over the GALLERY link in the Navigation Bar at the TOP of this page. From time to time we will add new Galleries and new Images. Not all images will be suitable for reproduction, so we will, over time create and add to an electronic archive on this site, which you may access and if interested in obtaining a copy of any such image, we invite you to contact us to discuss the options available to you.


On the page dedicated to Harrison Weir, we will outline some of the basic facts about his life and work, but will also from time to time add additional images and information in the form of a blog about interesting facts that we may have uncovered during the course of our research. By hovering your mouse over “HOME” in the Navigation Bar above, you will also activate the drop-down menu with links to the The COLLECTIONThe LIBRARY, and The Print and Image ARCHIVE. If you wish to learn more about Harrison Weir himself, just click on ” H.Weir ” in the Navigation Bar, where you will learn some basic facts about the life of HW and read some of of the more obscure facts about his life and work that you may not have previously known.


Our prints are eminently suitable for your Home, your Office, the Boardroom, or equally in a Hotel or Motel environment, themed to suit a decor, or a specific bird or animal subject matter. Tell us your needs or desires and we will be more than happy to suggest options or recommend a package tailored specifically to suit you.  For more information about our range of prints and services, simply click on either of the Gallery Options above to read about our images, and to see some samples.

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? “Dickie Bird” from the Cover of the February 1889 issue of “The Prize”

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